• Class Description
Boot Camp  : A fun cardio class that incorporates drills, cross training and weights

Kickboxing  : Martial arts workout involving heavy bags and gloves.

Six Pack Abs : 30 min express class that will safely and quickly enable you to slim and strengthen your midsection and core areas

Cardio Kick : An intense cardio workout using Muay Thai fundamentals, heavy bags & focus mitts. No contact ‐ boxing gloves  required.

Indoor Cycling : Indoor Stationary Cycling

Zumba : Exhilarating, easy to follow, Latin inspired, calorie‐burning  dance fitness fun party.

Yoga : The science of body, mind and soul. Exercises that emphasis on specific postures in combination with controlled breathing.
INSANITY:  A cardio-based total body conditioning class that is based on max-interval training. Longer periods of hard work with little rest, but the work is worth the results. 
      This class will build your strength, your endurance and is one heck of a calorie burner. PLUS anyone can do INSANITY. The class format allows for all types of modifications, all
      you have to do is show up ready to DIG DEEP. 
Come join a class and see what your body can do.



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